7-Inch Electric Circular Saw for Concrete and Metal Cutting


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Product Description
7" Electric Concrete Saw
3" Cutting Depth & 3600 PRM & 1900W Motor
A superior motor drive 3600 RPM speed delivers the power to cut through granite, brick, porcelain, reinforced concrete, metal, and other materials with ease. The double protection switch, water feed attachment, and cover promise a secure cutting job. Our frame with wheels is more labor-saving. And the adjustable depth design and rotating rear handle bring you a productive work experience.
  • 1900W Pure Copper Motor

  • Adjustable Cutting Depth

  • Considerate Designs

  • Practical Accessories Kits

  • Multi-function Concrete Saw

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Key Features
Powerful Copper Motor
Our electric cutter circular saw use 1900 W pure copper motor provides mighty output. 3600 RPM speed ensures you practical work for a long time.

Adjustable Depth
The cutting depth of the concrete cutter can be adjusted by changing the bottom plate’s height. The maximum cutting depth can reach up to 3 inch/76.2 mm.

Well-designs Details
Both water line attachment and secure cover ensure the cutting work’s security. The water line feeds water to the blade, increasing blade performance and life.

Rear & Front Handle
A self-locking switch ensures your security. Double handles allow you to operate more effortlessly, and the rotating rear handle meets your different cutting directions.

Practical Attachments
Water feed attachment, wrench, and other tools above the picture are provided. All these tools are gives to support your work.

Applicable Materials
The electric concrete saw is ideal for construction industries, brick factories, and family DIY to cut granite, porcelain, reinforced concrete, metal, and other materials.

  • Model: 1808

  • Suitable for Blade Diameter: 7"/17.78 cm

  • Cutting Depth: 3 inch/76.2 mm

  • Voltage: 110V

  • Power: 1900 W

  • Speed: 3600 RPM

  • Material: Iron and Plastic

Package Content
  • 1 x Electric Concrete Saw

  • 1 x Water Pump

  • 2 x Water Pipe

  • 2 x Wrench

  • 2 x Screws

Features & Details
  • 1900W Pure Copper Motor: 1900 W motor with 3600 RPM running speed making the cutting fast and smooth. The motor is featured with high-temperature resistance, sustainable operation, and no fumes. Thus, our electric cutter circular saw creates a productive and comfortable working environment for you.

  • Adjustable Cutting Depth: The bottom plate can be adjusted according to your different cutting depth requirements. 3" max cutting depth is efficient for outstanding cutting performance. The 7" blade is sturdy enough to cut most materials.

  • Considerate Designs: The water line feeds water to the blade, decreasing dust. Secure cover blocks the flying objects during your operation. The double protection switch stops the concrete cutter from accidentally opening. Two handles can aid accurate cutting in both horizontal and vertical modes.

  • Practical Accessories Kits: Our concrete wet/dry saw is supplied with a 7" diamond blade and different tools, including a water pipe, water pump, socket, wrench, splash guard, and screws. All of these tools can help you in your cutting operation.

  • Multi-function Concrete Saw: The electric concrete saw efficiently delivers the power to cut through granite, brick, porcelain, reinforced concrete, bricks, wood, and other materials. It is perfect for factories, workshop, home, timber industries, and DIY.

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