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The four-row Deep Reach Power Brush works with Advanced formula to remove pet messes like dog and cat urine, vomit, and mud. It's easy to quickly grab if your pet has an accident on the area rug or tracks in mud from the backyard. Never put dirty water back on your carpet or area rugs with this machine's two-tank system. Clean water and formula are kept in one tank, while dirty water is pulled into a separate tank. Power Force Power Brush Pet is lightweight and powerful, so it's great for smaller living spaces that may have limited storage. When you're done using it, features like the easy-to-remove water tanks and a removable nozzle make maintenance simple.




  • Four Row Deep Reach Power Brush. Lifts away dirt and stains that a vacuum leaves behind. 
  • Tackle Tough Pet Messes. Great for cleaning high traffic areas, small spaces, and area rugs where pet messes happen.
  • Lightweight & Powerful. Compact design makes cleaning carpets easy and convenient.
  • Two-Tank Technology. Never clean with dirty water, plus the tanks are easy to remove, fill, and empty.
  • Removable Nozzle. Easily maintain and clean your machine.
  • Don't Forget Your Formula. Use with  formula to get your best deep clean.
  • This product is available in the United States. 



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