Single Blade Nipper for Electrical Parts


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New DSPIAE ST-A Single Blade Nipper 3.0
Size: ‎6.3 x 4.3 x 1.05 cm
High-quality steel-precision single-blade pliers tool kit pliers are made of high-quality high-carbon alloy steel. Different from other types of pliers, ST-A model pliers are single-edged design with a blade of only 0.00 inches (about 0.0 cm), pursuing excellence , Bring an extraordinary sense of cutting.
Size-ST-A 3.0 single blade pliers size: about 12.7 cm x 7.6 cm x 2.0 cm, clean and easily cut out the model kit parts from the tree. Used to clamp, push, and bend small etching parts and use tweezers to fix difficult-to-cut paper documents.
ST-A single-blade pliers 3.0-precision model kit single-blade pliers, with spring-cut production time by half 58-64 HRC blade, high-frequency wave treatment, provide high-quality carbon steel, provide straight-line smooth cutting, will not tear.
Comfortable and non-slip-each model takes a certain amount of time to assemble. Precise and clean cutting to reduce build time. The spring has moderate elasticity, which makes the cutting operation easier and labor-saving. At the same time, the restraint lock can effectively avoid excessive force and jaw damage. Double-coated pliers handle, durable and non-slip.
Good helper-Newtall single-blade pliers model tool is a good tool for model hobbyists who specialize in modelling kits. It is a good assistant for model lovers all over the world, but it is only suitable for plastic models less than 3 mm. This is not a defect, it is final.





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ST-A 3.0




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